Friday, May 31, 2013

Strawberries! Rhubarb!

I am so excited that strawberries are finally out! Other than my citrus souvenirs, that I brought home from LA in February, it's been a long winter of storage apples and I am so happy to welcome fresh fruit back into my regular diet. Besides just devouring them as is I also had the forethought to get some rhubarb and made a cobbler. So yums. I had actually never made a cobbler or any strawberry rhubarb combination dessert before. Which is a little crazy - I make crumbles all the time - but hey, first time for everything. Must be that sometimes spring comes on pretty quickly and I usually miss the rhubarb before I shake off the winter enough to get with it. But this year spring is coming on slow, so I've had time to plot and plan. I even made an awesome roasted rhubarb compote, great on ice cream and pancakes. Maybe I'll even get it together in time to can some strawberry rhubarb jam.

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