Tuesday, September 3, 2013


So, August was sort of a wash. I didn't forget about the blog but it was a super busy month (Tons of work! My sister got married!) and every time I had a chance to think about posting something... I felt like I didn't have any good ideas. Blogger's block. I'm trying to be very consistent with posting but I've really noticed this month how stress can kill inspiration. Just was not getting really excited about anything, which I'm sure you have all felt at some point. My instagram feed slowed quite a bit too. But, labor day weekend was great. A nice pause to rest and sleep late, catch up on life and free up some mental space. Get ideas flowing again.
Getting back into the blogging groove simply, with these Small Batch Productions linen napkins. Beautiful, modest classics. I love that she makes them all herself in upstate NY and even notes that they are compostable after they're taken all the loving they can. I definitely want one (or a few) in each color for the prop closet. And for me personally? Probably the red and white stripe ones. More bright colored solids in the esty shop.

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