Monday, September 9, 2013

The Macaroon Bible

So excited about this stack of the Macaroon Bible cookbooks that I got in the mail in advance of its release later this month. I shot this book last year with Alice Gao and Vivian Lui and it is the first cookbook that I have worked on to be printed and released. What a great feeling to see it all come together and printed into a solid bound book! First book out in the world! I love cookbooks a ton, they are my personal favorite hobby read, so getting to contribute to the creation of one is really dream-come-true caliber stuff.

Anyway! Enough about me and more about the book! It's gooood. The macaroons are seriously delicious. I don't have much of a sweet tooth and I can't say I'm always tempted by the food on set, but I ate so many of these little guys. And brought some home to share with friends. The s'mores sandwich and the cappuccino are my favorites. Addictive. Drool. Also, the author, Dan, is hilarious and the book is really entertaining to read. All in all, so happy to have been part of this project. Good luck Dan, it's a great book!

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