Tuesday, December 24, 2013

More Holiday Cheer and Food!

Merry Christmas Eve! I love the holidays. I'm not a religious person, but this is just such a great time of year- taking time for family, friends, and lots of delicious and indulgent celebratory food. Hope you are all eating well this year! We're having a big meal tonight and then just relaxed rounds of hors d'eouvres and French 75s tomorrow. Everyone is making something, there will be cheese and olives and charcuterie, deviled eggs, baked brie, and much more I'm sure. But here are some of the snacks I am making for our Christmas day spread:

> Mackerel Rillettes. From David Tanis' newest book One Good Dish.
   Or maybe I'll use smoked trout. Served with a nice baguette.

> Roasted Rosemary Almonds. Also from the new DT book. He's great.

> Arancini or Suppli al Telefono. Made with yesterday's leftover leek and
   mushroom risotto. Inspired by the recipe in Canal House Cooking, Vol.7.
   Serving with Rao's marinara sauce (yes, cheating a little and not making
   sauce from scratch) and aioli (but it's ok cause I'm making this from scratch).

> Wise and Cheesy Owl cheese ball. From the Great Balls of Cheese cookbook
   by Michelle Buffardi. Yes, a cheese ball that looks like an owl. He's delicious.
   You can take it from me- I worked on the book.

Carrot Tea Cake. By the Martha Stewart team.

Now that I'm writing this I realize there is a surprising lack of vegetables... and a whole lotta cheese. Oh well! Someone will probably bring crudite...

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