Thursday, December 12, 2013


The past few months have been insanely busy! And my blog posting has reflected that. But December has been pretty chill and I expect it to stay that way all month. Getting lots of stuff done, including getting ready for the holidays, and back into the groove over here. To catch us up here are some pictures from a trip to Portland last month. My best friend lives there, and my sister lives in Seattle, so I go out to visit once or twice a year. I love it there. Good times and great food. I also got really lucky and got two sunny days in a row!

1/ The entrance to my bff's house, hidden from the street by all of those plants. She has the entire first floor of a house. I have a 300 sq. ft. apartment. So jealous.
2/ See See motorcycle and coffee shop. Went for some Stumptown and admired the interiors.
3/ Pok Pok! We ate at so many different, amazing restaurants, but I forgot to take pictures! (Whoops!) But Pok Pok was really a highlight, and the first time I had been there, even after all of my visits.
4/ A coffee shop in Alberta and the view of downtown Portland from Pittock Mansion.

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