Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 Goals

For most of my life I have not been a resolutions person, they seem to imply people's impulsive desire to join a gym and then quit two months later. But over the past few years, as an adult living in a large city, balancing personal life and a business, I've really come to appreciate the opportunity of the turning of a new year. It's a natural moment to reflect on what I've been doing, and what I would like to do more of. And then I can give myself an entire year to slowly effect change, to teach myself new habits. To take it step by step to achieve my goals, instead of being overwhelmed by the prospect of changing everything over night. Considered, curated, and self-proposed change feels great. I hope to never stop changing. It's my way of taking care of my life, and making it better. The beginning of a new year feels optimistic.

So, this is what I'm doing today. Finalizing my year's goals. And by the way, that photo on the left is pretty much what it looks like any time I'm not on set and working from home. My dining table becomes my desk.

A few of my goals for this year are listed below... I hope you've all made a few of your own!

> Drink more water. Because I really don't currently.
> Eat less. I'm proposing a little portion control for myself this year. Restaurant portions can be huge. I love to eat, and so I can be at times pretty gluttonous, but there really is no reason that I need to take down an entire half pound cheeseburger and plate of fries in one sitting. Especially when I'm working. I want to stay light and energized, and avoid the food coma. No dieting though! A burger is definitely not off limits, just want to maybe cut it in half. And have the other half for lunch the next day... Mmmm. This is about being more in tune with my body and only eating until I'm not hungry anymore, and not until I'm stuffed.
> Make exercise a regular habit. These days people are living long lives, so I want to make sure mine is a healthy one too. Best way I figure to do that is take care of my body starting now.

> Re-brand! Hoping to have a new logo and maybe new design for the blog and my professional website in the next couple of months. Woo!
> Post consistently. I really hope to not fail on this one... but I'm proposing more consistent posts for the blog. If I fall off the horse, I can always get back on.

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  1. It’s a wise move to make your plan simple, and just elaborate on it along the way. This is important because personal life and business are two things that difficult to juggle, as they both need a lot of your time and attention. But this way, it will somehow make it easier for you to manage both, particularly on the business side, since re-branding is a challenging task. I just hope you’ve found someone to help you create an effective website and logo for your business.

    Della Meyer @ Spark Local Marketing