Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Black and White and Green

Some recent pins. Been really feeling this color scheme lately.

1/ Future dream shower. And pretty, newly discovered tumblr.
2/ Just. Love. This. Applause Kendra Smoot, and whoever your stylist was.
3/ Can't wait for dress season again. Also, a lesson in how to make Birkenstocks look chic.
4/ See above. Been doing some serious California dreaming lately. This patio looks like heaven.
5/ Wily plant life, my favorite kind.
6/ Just got my hair cut last week; it's perfectly layered to pull off a pony like this one.
7/ I can't read what this recipe says. But, I get the gist: beautiful and delicious.
8/ From the gorgeous and inspiring Tine K Home catalog.

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