Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Feast (Cleaning Out the Fridge)

Easter is becoming a sort of second Thanksgiving in my eyes. Religious views aside (because I am not a religious person) there isn't much going on on this holiday. There are no gifts, no fireworks, no distractions, nothing to stress over. There is the Easter bunny and chocolate, I guess. But really, it is a day meant to simply be spent among loved ones. Which, of course, is the perfect excuse to make a big, delicious meal!

This year I am not hosting, but I will still be contributing. And because our trip to Spain is in less than a week I am using Easter as a strategic way to help clean out the food in my fridge. Below, what I'm making. What are you guys making?

Deviled Eggs. I have never actually made deviled eggs and I have a dozen and a half eggs that I'd like to get rid of before leaving the country for a couple weeks. And it's Easter. Seems like the obvious thing to do. Going to base them on this Martha Stewart recipe and this one. And as an additional fridge thinning solution I am going to swap sour cream for mayonnaise (almost a whole pint in there to get rid of!). Have to see if I can get some horseradish at the farmers market tomorrow, and maybe some interesting greens or herbs. Might just end up being as simple and mustard and shallots.

Braised leeks. So simple and so delicious. Topped with a mustard vinaigrette. Again, if I can get any herbs at the farmers market I'll see about mixing them in. Not really a fridge cleaner (though there are a few left over sprigs of rosemary in there I could add?) but I have been meaning to make stock with some frozen chicken bones and this will give me the nudge I need to finally do it.

Pavlova. Four of the aforementioned eggs will be reserved for my new favorite dessert. I haven't made one since the grapefruit segments and blackberry coulis version I made around the holidays which was particularly fantastic, so I may recreate it. But I don't have any blackberries left from my summer freezing session, so I'll do a blueberry coulis. And, since I have a jar of lemon curd (that's been burning a hole in the pantry shelf) I was thinking of trying that out. Pavlova topped with lemon curd, blueberry coulis, and whipped cream? (A whipped cream made with the Madagascar bourbon vanilla that I am currently obsessed with.) Yup, gonna be either one of those combinations.

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