Friday, May 23, 2014

Madrid in Spring

We were in Madrid at a perfect time of the year. I hear that as the spring turns into summer, the temperatures rise, the ground dries out, and vivid green gives way to dusty rust. But the city was so lush in April. Spring in Madrid was gorgeous. We had the most delicious roast lamb I've ever tasted at Posada de la Villa, visited El Rastro, the oldest flea market in the world, wandered the dappled shade of the Real Jardín Botánico. We lingered over drinks and tapas with family, enjoying good laughs and great company. We made breakfast of churros. On more than one occasion. And we walked. We walked the city up and down. It was the beginning of a fantastic vacation. Below are some of my favorite images from the 4 days we spent there.

1/ A fountain near the (amazingly gorgeous) central post office.
2/ City scenes.
3/ The Royal Palace.
4/ Greenhouses at the Botanic Gardens.
5/ Interior of one of the greenhouses.
6/ Cacti.
7/ More beautiful European architecture.
8/ Stairs in Botanic Gardens and a corner of the Plaza Mayor.

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