Thursday, May 29, 2014

Wanderlust in Galicia, Part I: Green & Gardens

The landscape in Galicia was more dramatically gorgeous than I expected. Vast, steep, rolling hills. It was a constantly impressive sight. My dinky point and shoot couldn't capture any of the immensity of it. Just driving around was one of my favorite things that we did, and we did a lot of it. In fact, I think it's safe to say that the thing I most enjoyed about our travels was taking in these sights and, with them, the relationship between civilization and nature. So many beautiful old structures built with stone and weathered over the centuries, they blend so elegantly with their natural surroundings. Small town clusters are nestled into hillsides and every home has its own vegetable garden and grapevines. For making homemade wine, of course. There is a seamlessness in these places. A simple understanding and reciprocity between a people and their land. It was terribly inspiring. It made me heart-achy for a plot of my own.

The first half of the photos below are from a place called Pazo de Oca, a maintained garden on an old estate. We spent an afternoon roaming its pathways, completely sucked into its gorgeousness. I can hardly believe that someone used to live there. The second half of the images are of random little places and crossroads around Galicia, a sampling of some moments I was able to capture.

1-6/ Pazo de Oca. So many doors!
7/ Me being goofy and some pretty rock.
8/ Most homes did not have greenhouses but this one did and it was right near the road, so I stole a peak.
9/ The best photo I managed to get of a hillside town cluster. Sort of a shame because there were many others that were so much more romantic and beautiful.
10/ A lovely bridge in the middle of a lovely nowhere.
*The images of me were taken by Scott Rounds.

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