Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wanderlust in Galicia, Part II: Water & Stone

Besides wander around gardens and hillsides we roamed ancient city streets. I can't get over European architecture, it's so lovely in all of its different styles, and most of all so old. Therein lies much of the romance of Europe for me, it is a place where the longevity of time becomes undeniably evident to me. It's fascinating. Their towns have lived longer histories, and pieces of that history still surrounding them integrated into their everyday lives. We, the United States, are a young country.

The town where we stayed in Galicia is a small fishing town on the Atlantic called A Pobra do CaramiƱal. We quickly formed morning and evening routines. Grilled fresh bread and cafe con leche for breakfast, plenty of beers and octopus, or other simple and perfectly prepared seafood, for a relaxed dinner. From there we would set out on day trips to explore the region. We saw the roman walls still standing around Lugo. Had a fantastic visit and wine tasting at the Martin Codax winery. A romantic, fancy Friday night dinner by the water in Sanxenxo (practically the Montauk of Spain). We circled the towering cathedral of Santiago de Compostela and explored every nook of the Mercado de Abastos. Most of the souvenirs I brought home for myself and friends were food items and from this market. At one point I asked a woman how much for a branch of her locally grown bay, probably clipped from a tree in her yard, and when she replied "20." my face fell in disbelief. She quickly added "Cents!" and we laughed. (20 euros for a branch of bay seemed pretty steep!) There were some rainy days, there were some sunny days, a little taste of everything. We got to have so many experiences, but still let time slow down for a bit. We succeeded. Great vacation.

1/ A pier in A Pobra at blue hour.
2/ I have the inverse picture of Scott taking this picture of me. Ha!
3/ These stone walls, that moss.
4/ Typical residential street in Santiago de Compostela.
5/ Sights inside the Mercado de Abastos.
6/ Small city alleyway.
7/ Pretty moments.
8/ More Mercado de Abastos and my prized bay.
9/ So much water, so many boats, everywhere. A beautiful building in Lugo.
10/ Homes on a hill by a beach.

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