Friday, August 29, 2014

Just a Few Portland Photos...

Guys, I work in photography, but I am not a photographer. As evidenced by my terrible skills at documenting my trips. Ha! I get too caught up in the moment to remember to take memory preserving snaps or blog worthy shots of foods and places. I had such an awesome trip! I ate at Ox, Pok Pok, Sen Yai, and The Woodsman Tavern, drank coffee at Stumptown, went to the beach and visited farm stands on Sauvie Island. We trekked the hip neighborhoods and their shops, drove up to Mt.Tabor at sunset, and explored Laurelhurst Park. I did so much more than is documented below, but I cobbled together these few images to at least share some visual representation of a trip I really enjoyed.

1/ Cool kids and cool ice cream. // Some of the very many doughnuts that were consumed.
2/ See See motorcycle and coffee shop.
3/ Morning Stumptown decaf latte. // Loved driving these fun, zippy smart cars around town!
4/ City of roses.

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