Thursday, September 4, 2014

Phillip Lim Handbags

I'm a less is more, edited and curated kind of person. My wardrobe is no different. I wear the same stuff all the time, especially when it comes to shoes and bags. I find something I like and it becomes part of my permanent collection; I'll use it for years. Browsing the Phillip Lim site recently I found so many great bags that I could totally add to the rotation. All so different, all super useful, great for the permanent collection, great for years to come.

1/ Hello chic, amazing bag gigantic enough to transport all of my work junk.
2/ I thought I had sworn off backpacks back in middle school, but I may have met my match.
3/ Matte. Navy. Crock. (Hearts.)
4/The afternoon-on-the-town-getting-coffee-with-friends bag.

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