Friday, October 17, 2014

Ungrammed Instas

I was looking through my phone and found these photos that either just never made the cut or I forgot to post them on Instagram. So, I figured I'd share here. They feel so representative of the fall so far, which I have really been enjoying. It has been surprisingly busy though! Not just with work, but when it rains it really pours and things always seem to happen all at once, huh? On that check list is the task of moving studios. Yes, just as stressful and difficult as looking for a new apartment and moving your home. But, I've finally found the space, so now to tediously pack up all of my tons of very fragile items and transport them to their new home. It'll feel great once it's done- feels so daunting now!- but I'm looking forward to the fresh start and a new take on a new space. Also, I'm going apple picking this weekend and I love that. Tangent over, pretty pictures below.

1/ Super pretty pumpkin/squash/things all at the farmers market now.
2/ A recent Saturday morning coffee. The Saturday morning ritual is roll out of bed at 8 or 9, treat myself to a decaf latte, then meander over to the farmers market. Favorite part of my week.
3/ A variation on another image that I did post a couple weeks ago.
4/ Me and Alice being twinsies.
5/ Coffee shop corner. Feels so exotic.
6/ Cat sexy eyes.

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