Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hello Again, Fire Horse, and Lonny Mag

Hello people out there whoever you are! Guys, it was a weird end to 2014. I had surgery (I'm ok, nothing life threatening), my holidays were a pretty big bust (sometimes family is hard, I know a bunch of you out there must feel me on this), and there's been some other stuff and it hasn't really stopped since 2015 started... Cue my amazing friend Jenna who explains to me that this past year, according to the Chinese calendar, has been the year of the Fire Horse. Hence all the weird, intense stuff. But it's coming to an end soon. On February 19th we say hello to the Wooden Ram (or something) and with it a much calmer year, where we all feel more in control of our lives. I want this. I am sometimes skeptical about this kind of stuff, horoscopes and all, but I'll take it. I will happily drink this Kool-Aid. So, as I wait for the year to turn, for things to start evening out, I am coming back to this blog and trying to regain some routine. Life happens, am I right? You gotta just jump back on that (fire) horse.

Here are some images from a recent shoot with Lonny Mag where Virginia Rollinson shot and I styled executive editor Irene Edwards' remodeled living room. I've been doing more and more interiors work and I really love it. Irene is super rad, her new space was totally beautiful, it was an unseasonably warm November day, and just overall a very enjoyable one. Gotta love it.