Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Sunday In LA

Last week I had a super lovely Sunday. I was only in LA for 6 days total and most of them were spent running around town having meetings. Sunday was my one day off to do exactly what I wanted.

I find the Hollywood Farmers Market so inspirational because of how different it is from our market in NY. We hardly grow artichokes out in the northeast and definitely don't have citrus, avocados, or olives... and definitely not in the middle of winter. Strawberries were coming into season! It was a whole new, not frozen, very exciting spring time world in LA. In agricultural terms. So, because of all this excitement, and because I have a hard time containing myself at farmers markets, I couldn't help but walk away with a huge bag of mixed citrus. Which I have been slowly enjoying ever since. I think I'm just now down to my last Cara Cara. The Farmers Market was centering and resetting, I'm so used to that in my weekly routine. Afterward I checked out the Santa Monica Antique Flea Market. Didn't think it was that great overall but I did buy a bunch of pyramid crystals for pretty cheap. That part was great.

The real highlight of the day was visiting Matteo in downtown LA. I have wanted to visit their showroom for so long and it didn't disappoint. Gorgeous space, huge and wide open, neat shelves and beautiful linens. And. They let me down into the sale basement. That made my day! The only bummer was that they had just had their yearly sample sale where they clear out their inventory to make room for upcoming new stuff, and they were seriously cleared out. It was hard to find anything other than a king pillow case. In fact, I only ended up buying pillow cases. But I feel pretty good about my loot, so no complaints. Guess I just have to go visit another time before, or maybe even during, the yearly sample sale. Heh. After that I hit a few more downtown LA spots and then met up with a friend for an early, but long, dinner at Animal. We ate ridiculous amounts of food. A delicious end to a fun day.

1/2 It was a cloudy day, but there was sunshine everywhere at the Hollywood Farmers Market.
3/4 The giganto cactus. / Avocado toast at Blacktop Coffee. Very good.
5/6 Matteo dreaminess.

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