Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Shallot Chili Fried Egg & Coconut Rice Porridge

One of the great perks of working on food shoots is that there are always a ton of groceries up for grabs once we wrap. It's so fun and tempting, I always nab a few new things to try. A while back I took home a bag of Bob's Red Mill Creamy Rice, started experimenting with it, and after a few tries came up with this dish that's so good I just kept making it. I get a lot of inspiration from that moment when you open the fridge, look around, and go "Ok, so this is what I have, now how am I going to put it all together...?" I've been cooking a lot of Asian food lately (see my Kuaytiaw Naam recipe) so that influence plus available fridge ingredients equaled this breakfast. Though, this could be an any time of day meal for sure. You could even add spicy greens. Yum.

Recipe after the jump!

For two people:

Rice Porridge:
2/3 cup Bob's Red Mill Creamy Rice
1 and 1/3 cup water
3 tb coconut shavings, crushed
1 tb coconut oil

2-4 eggs
4 small shallots, 2 minced, 2 sliced
5-10 stems cilantro, chopped
crushed thai chilies

Put all rice porridge ingredients into a small pot and simmer until done, stirring occasionally.

Meanwhile, fry the sliced shallots in butter on medium heat, salt them, let them get crispy and caramelized. Add crushed chili flakes, stir, and then move to cool side of the pan. Crack in as many eggs as wanted (2-4) and cook to desired doneness. I like a high heat fried egg or an over easy, runny yolk is essential. But if you like a more firm yolk, do you.

Divide the porridge between two bowls, scoop eggs and fried shallots on there, top with the minced shallot and chopped cilantro. Sriracha optional.

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