Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Paris Favorites List

Here it is! I decided to just go with one big post instead of breaking it up into restaurants and shops. It's a lot of post. All of my favorite places visited on this trip, compiled neatly for your traveling inspiration. And any tips you guys have are greatly appreciated, looks like I should be back there in September. Yay! 

Side note: Do you guys ever go on vacation and come back and kick yourself for not getting enough photos? Or good enough ones. Or any at all with you actually in them? That's me all the time. The only upside to that dilemma (because it does make blog posts harder to pull off when you didn't, you know, actually take pictures of the places you want to talk about) is that the reason I usually don't get the snaps is because I'm caught up enjoying the moment. And just don't think of it. Until later. Two sides to that coin I think.

Anyway! Enjoy the post! Give me your suggestions! All the infos after the jump. 

1-5/ La Buvette
A very cute and casual wine bar with some small, very delicious snacky things that could easily make a relaxed meal. I loved this place. Such a chill vibe. Beautiful, inspiring modern European interiors. And everything we tried, from food to wine, was great.

6-7/ Atelier Emmanuelle Wittmann
The front part of Emmanuelle's multi use atelier is a shop, which has limited hours, but if you can catch her at the right time you will be rewarded with the beauty of her ceramics and the opportunity to make them yours.

8-9/ Liberté
There are surely a gazillion more bakeries in Paris that I have not tried, but of those I did, Liberté was my favorite. In my eyes, the perfect croissant. And again, an amazing space, rooted in the traditional but modernized and balanced through renovation.

10-11/ 0fr
Hands down one of my top 5 favorite stores in Paris. This little magazine store was packed to the brim with every kind of the coolest, most inspirational magazines from all over the world. They also had some art books, art zines, a bit of ceramics, textiles, and even a style of leather sandals made in Italy, exclusively for them. A magazine shop with a shoe line, makes perfect sense, right? (I totally bought a pair of the sandals...)

12-13/ Kunitoraya
No reservations at this corner spot famous for their udon, but as you (inevitably) wait in line outside you can watch them in the kitchen cooking and sending out orders, and in the process get very excited that it'll be your turn soon. Next time I happen to be in Paris I'll definitely line up for another bowl, and am also dying to try some other items, like their tonkatsu.

14-16/ Gachon Pothier
This shop also makes top 5. Such a dreamy, curated offering. I was so excited to find a place selling a mix of fantastic home goods and personal accessories, a true small scale lifestyle boutique with a honed vision, that I asked the owner if there were any other similar stores that she could recommend. (I also apologized for asking for her competition.) But she said simply, that there weren't. A common sight in NY but a style of store that hadn't caught on yet in Paris. Finding this place made my day, and of course I didn't get out of there without a few souvenirs.

17-19/ Telescope
My friends with whom I was travelling frequent this charming coffee shop so often when in town that they've made a friend of the owner. He was previously a photographer but traded in the "glamorous" life for a passionate and nerdy daily exploration of coffee. Whether you'd like just a nice cappuccino or a serious coffee chat, you can get it here.

And a couple others not photographed...

La Grande Epicerie
Endless selection of amazing foods and food related items. Like a French version of Eataly, except that it's attached to a high end department store. So you can buy fancy cheeses and fancy shoes in one stop. I spent about an hour in here ogling the many different shapes and sizes of cured sausages, beyond moldy cheeses, famous french baked goods, perfect, gigantic lettuces, more flavors of butter than I've ever seen, and walls of mustard and oil and salt. Somehow I restrained myself so well that I only bought a madeleine as an afternoon snack.

A tiny, super casual taco joint with a secretive, hip cocktail bar through the unmarked door at the back. You can have the best of both worlds and order food up front which they'll bring to your table in the back. We tried everything on the menu, all very good, and cocktails were solid. I had the coriander cucumber margarita. Approved.

Le Servan
Gorgeous, sun filled corner restaurant. Fantastic food, with a comfortable "go during your lunch break" vibe. And if that wasn't enough it was surprisingly affordable as compared to other similar quality restaurants. This place had it all. (And they prepared blood sausage in a way that I didn't hate. No small feat.)

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