Thursday, July 9, 2015

Copy Cat

I've been seeing this too often. Generally, I've seen it happen to my peers, it rarely happens to me. But I just need a quick minute to say...

Copying is not cool.

Right? What the hell? I am incredibly inspired by my peers and mentors, all of you out there. I think we all swim in a pool of transference where we influence and inspire each other. But ultimately, we process that input and bring our own voice and interpretation to the table. I understand being inspired by others, I am constantly inspired by everyone around me, they teach me and change me, but copying is beyond that realm. It's a totally different thing. It's not ok. You would think that would be super obvious. But I guess for some people it's not. I know the saying goes that "Imitation is a form of flattery" but straight up knocking off someone's hard work and taking credit for it as your own is not flattering. Actually, it's plagiarism, and incredibly hurtful and disrespectful.

A friend recently pointed out this example, where my own work was the target, on Instagram. My image, this first horizontal one, has been on my website since the beginning of the year.

The copier's image, below, posted a few weeks ago.

I commented on the post saying "Woah! Inspiration is cool, but straight up copying is not." Yes, that was a bold move on my part but, you know what? You gotta stick up for yourself. And they took down the image immediately. Guilty conscience much?

I know people have questions about social media and what the rules are- But really? I think it's pretty simple. Any content or output or creation anywhere is subject to the same code of ethics, copying in one place or medium or industry is not more ok than copying in another. Ethics are ethics. Copying is not cool. Rant done. Just couldn't keep seeing it without calling it out, friends. If you see something, say something. You know?

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