Thursday, October 22, 2015

Lisboa, Lisboa, Lisboa

Lisbon feels pink. Not in a frilly, girly way, but in a mature, dreamy way. The lioz marble that covers the entire city has pink tendencies, antique buildings are painted in desaturated hues, and every night there was a hazy pink sunset. Pinks everywhere in all of the most gorgeous, subtle, dusty shades.

Going to Portugal, and Lisbon, was a dream come true. I have wanted to go there since I was a teenager because a set of my great grandparents were from small towns in Leiria and I've always felt really close to that heritage. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect though, my family has become so Americanized over time, but being there felt so natural and the people are so friendly and the food is so fresh and simple and perfect. I know that this is not the only trip I will ever make to Portugal, instead, it felt like an introduction. The first step in an on going relationship.

Photos after the jump...

Monday, October 19, 2015

MF Ceramics

Hello world! I swear I'm working on those Portugal posts, but man it takes some time to sift through the thousand photos I took and curate a story and edit them. And this month is crazy, work not stop, packing, moving, so much going on! Super soon though! I loved Portugal, can't wait to share.

What I can share now (because I didn't take any decent pictures when I was there) are some images from the website of MF Ceramics. I visited Margarida at her studio in Lisbon at the LX Factory one afternoon and had a great conversation with her and her husband about Lisbon and how it has been changing and tourism and the makers community. And, of course, bought a bunch of her beautiful handmade ceramics for the prop collection, Very cool people, and a lovely visit.