Thursday, October 22, 2015

Lisboa, Lisboa, Lisboa

Lisbon feels pink. Not in a frilly, girly way, but in a mature, dreamy way. The lioz marble that covers the entire city has pink tendencies, antique buildings are painted in desaturated hues, and every night there was a hazy pink sunset. Pinks everywhere in all of the most gorgeous, subtle, dusty shades.

Going to Portugal, and Lisbon, was a dream come true. I have wanted to go there since I was a teenager because a set of my great grandparents were from small towns in Leiria and I've always felt really close to that heritage. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect though, my family has become so Americanized over time, but being there felt so natural and the people are so friendly and the food is so fresh and simple and perfect. I know that this is not the only trip I will ever make to Portugal, instead, it felt like an introduction. The first step in an on going relationship.

Photos after the jump...

1/ The historic center skyline as seen from St. George castle.
2/ Typical scene.
3/ Cute guy and cute bar on a hill. Everything is on a hill in Lisbon.
4-5/ Caulino ceramics, a ceramic studio where people can take classes and sell their wares.
6/ Cafe in LX Factory. Very hip and pretty.
7/ Lunch al fresco in LX Factory.
8/ The best little housewares store in LX Factory. Go on a Sunday when they have the flea market!
9/ No big deal, everywhere you go Lisbon is just that pretty. People live in these buildings.
10/ Dramatic and gorgeous entrance to the Ladra flea market (the flea market itself leaves a bit to be desired.)
11/ Sunsets like these every night.
12/ Lioz marble. Kinda making me obsessed with pink.
13/ Famed tiled buildings.
14/ Ornate details around the city.
15/ Noto, great shop near Mercado da Ribeira.
16/ Copenhagen Coffee Lab. Cause sometimes you need to switch it up from galais and get a pour over.
17/ Overgrowth in the botanic garden.
18/ The sights you see around every turn.

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