Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Arminho Studio Visit

Unfortunately the light was pretty flat the day I visited the Arminho studio in Porto, and the photos show it (sorry!), but I couldn't not post about these two super inspiring Portuguese makers.

João and Raquel are the ultimate DIY couple. I have been following their gorgeous paper goods line Arminho for some time now. They rescued some classic machinery (including a letter press), spruced it up, and put it to modern use. Notebooks in proprietary patterns and original illustrated wall hangings are the core offerings. During my visit I got a tour of the studio and basic process of production and also a sneak peek at their recently launched knitwear brand Camelotia. Machine knit in house by them, they're making sweaters, beanies, and very cute throw pillow covers. They are also experimenting with ceramics as a possible new line or extension of one of the existing ones. (Of which Joáo offered me a piece as a gift and I FORGOT it! Sadness...) And oh, in their spare time they completely renovated the interior of a VW van themselves which they take on camping trips. And they've got a sweet little backyard garden.

Their energy and seeming endless motivation to further their skills, find new challenges, and make things with their hands was so inspiring. Before I knew it, a quick pop in turned into a 2 hour conversation. I left feeling so uplifted by their attitudes and talents. Thanks to João and Raquel for such a welcoming visit!


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