Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Soo this is way overdue, but, um, better late than never?

If Lisbon is the bright, upbeat fairytale sister then Porto is the moodier, more emo sibling. Unmistakably Portuguese, but feels grittier. The rainy weather helps that feeling I'm sure. Our Airbnb embodied that aesthetic and gave us a great stepping off point for the city, in addition to beautiful views of water and port houses. Photo captions below, and Favorites List in a couple days.

1/ The romantic view from our Airbnb.
2/ Interior of our Airbnb (before I rearranged it for better flow). Those tall skinny European windows kill me every time.
3/ The stunning ceiling at Majestic Cafe.
4/ Another city built into hills.
5/ All of the different sizes of Sardines.
6/ A scene in the Mercado do Bolhão.
7/ The Portuguese Piri Piri chili pepper. I bought a bunch of these and gave them away as souvenirs... I still have the ones I kept. Looks like I'll be making some Piri Piri oil soon.
8/ I don't remember what this building was... Ha! But it looked good...
9/ Drank very many ports.
10/ The Feeting Room: modern shop featuring furniture AND shoes.
11/ I should have added this store to Foursquare because it's not on there and now I don't remember what it was called... huge selection of vintage clothing and ceramics.
12/ A pretty typical lunch. Tomato rice and fried petingas (small sardines).
13/ The São Bento train station. Why don't train stations in the US look like this?
14/ Porto from Gaia.

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