Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Most Perfect and Simple Yogurt Dressing

This is my go-to dressing right now, coming out of spring with all of the tender vibrant greens. It's amazingly simple but so full flavored! And probiotic packed, bonus. There's also a million variations. Want more of a parm peppercorn/caesar vibe? Add anchovies, extra pepper, and a dash of mustard. Wanna go more green goddess-y? Mince tons of herbs and throw them in there. It's super flexible, super delicious, and you already have all of the ingredients (all 4) at home. Recipe after the jump. (It may even seem a bit anticlimactic- It really is only 4 ingredients. But TRY it.)


Monday, June 27, 2016

House & Home Follows Me?!

What a surprise and an honor to be featured in House & Home's blog post The Best Designer Instagram Feeds To Follow Now among some of my own creative heroes and people that I follow and find incredibly inspiring. A total a "pinch me" moment. This post was from back in March, but I just found out about it! Thank you, Lauren!