Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Really happy with some new custom cards I got made for business, and maybe occasionally personal, use. I narrowed down a bunch of my favorite work images but couldn't decide which to go with, so I just did small runs of each to test them out. Still like them all! So fun seeing the finished products and the cards come to life. This is just an easy, personal thing to do and so nice to write notes to colleagues and clients on these rather than generic cards. I printed them through Artifact Uprising, their paper and printing is nice and I think they have super reasonable prices too. The only thing I am a little bummed about is that I didn't realize that the folding cards are not white, they're an off white.

In other news I took these photos. Picked up Scott's camera (all on automatic) and snapped away. I have no idea how they turned out so moody... but not complaining, I think they look sexy. Hehe.

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