Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Dream House Manifest: The Plan

Here's the big, overarching plan for our little house. I am so excited about it's potential for transformation. To frame our goals for you all it may be important to preface with: our house is not a great house. What I mean by this is that it's a good house, with good bones, but it's a fairly character-less box built with lower end materials in the 60s. It's not a luxury or historic house, we're not starting with fancy finishes, no tall or vaulted ceilings, no rustic beams, no original glass windows or ornate interior trim, really no architectural flourishes. There's not a lot that's pre-existing to work with but the floor plan and hardwoods were enough for me. It's a great blank canvas. Being a stylist I feel like I know all about dressing things up, and this little house just needs an aesthetic update. Like a tv makeover- a little makeup and a more flattering outfit go a long way.

The idea is to take the house in a modern, clean direction which works with the plain lines the house already has. But, because I love texture, and don't like when modern turns sterile, there will still need to be colors and finishes that infuse a little european glamour into the whole thing. Some soul. Some lush, albeit understated, sophistication. Stone, wood, metal, velvet. I also love my moody touches. The house has great light, so not sure if I will want to paint any interior walls very dark (though I am considering it for the master), but I definitely want to paint the outside black.

It's all going to take time. Some things we'll do ourselves and some we'll need a contractor for. Hopefully a year from now we'll be finished? Or making good progress? Realistically I know that these things take time. So we'll just have to see how it plays out. Can't wait.

Picture of the house for reference: here.
Pinterest board for this project: here.

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