Friday, December 16, 2016

Holiday Gift Ideas

Put together a little assortment of gift ideas to serve as a guide for inspiration and, in some instances, doubles as a current wish list. I have long admired that Astier lady head incense burner and am in love with John Sheppard's ceramic art object. Instant style, just put them on a shelf or coffee table. I love giving small Pallares Solsona knives as gifts because they're a very unique and useful shape that most home cooks don't already have. The oriental beauty tea is not the cheapest, but it's my favorite daily indulgence when I allow myself a refill. Maybe the tea drinker in your life would also enjoy it. I'm about two clicks away from buying myself this Tracey Tanner pouch (I know, not supposed to be shopping for ourselves!) which would be dedicated to my on board travel kit. Obsessed with handmade candles in natural or sexy tones lately- I find tapers to be such an easy and elegant gift. Equally as obsessed with Little Garage Shop's frozen peach glaze and wouldn't mind drinking that aforementioned tea out of this tumbler. Or, as a set with the Yeild french press they could make a great holiday or housewarming present. Finally, an abstract and organic cushion by some of my favorite Portuguese makers would find itself very at home in my house's post renovation decor scheme, but could also uplift a friend's old sofa or mood.

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