Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Italy: Masseria Moroseta

In the middle of endless olive groves and on it's own organic plot, the Masseria Moroseta in Ostuni, Puglia, was the first place that we stayed in Italy and a perfect one to relax and recharge. European countryside dreams coming true. It was designed with the perfect balance of rustic Italian countryside and minimalistic modern and around the intention that your visit be leisurely. Each room has antique beds with Italian linen sheets and a small outdoor patio, ours also had a working fireplace. There's a fresh breakfast in the morning, different breads and cheeses, my favorite combination was tomato focaccia and mozzarella, fruit and the option of eggs from the masseria's chicken coop or yogurt. The living room is comfortable and stocked with design books and magazines. They leave healthy cakes (like a whole grain, gluten free carrot cake) out for afternoon tea, and there's an espresso machine right there. It was too cold to swim, so I can't say much about the pool, but the showers are the waterfall kind and fantastic. And on top of all of that the owner, Carlo, is a really cool guy and will point you in the direction of a great meal, or a great flea market. Would definitely go back again.

Photos by me and Scott. (If they're really good, they're probably by Scott.)

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