Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Italy: Puglia

It was a hectic 2016! In all of the best possible ways (and some not quite so). The grand finale was our three week honeymoon in Italy, then home just in time for a restorative holiday season. Going through the photos now just makes me want to go back. I have a certain inescapable love for mediterranean Europe. Maybe (obviously) because my heritage is almost entirely Mediterranean.

We spent most of our time in Puglia, a more off the beaten path area of Italy where we could eat all of the foods, take in the sights, but wouldn't be tempted to run ourselves ragged. It was perfect. Beautiful weather in late October, mid 50s, sometimes 60s, sunny. Endless olive groves, fresh breezes, and views of the ocean. We went to a Saturday market in Ostuni, a Sunday flea in Lecce and Castromediano, and took long leisurely walks and car rides.

01/ Olive trees, old and new, everywhere the eye can see.
02/ Saturday Ostuni market bounty.
03/ Wish I could walk by architecture like this everyday.
04/ Puglia flea finds.
05/ Truffled cheese like nbd, was 3 euros. More amazing facades.
06/ So many coffees. So much eating. (Classy ass tables.)
07/ New husband, walks on the beach.
08/ Polignano a Mare. Definitely where the cool kids in Puglia hang out. (That wine was good.)
09/ Bathroom selfie of the most monochrome sort. Where did I go?
10/ Golden hour turns blue in Lecce.
11/ The largest walnuts I've ever seen. (Grown on site at our Cisternino airbnb.) The details of doors.
12/ Ostuni. All the pasta and seafood.

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