Monday, January 9, 2017

Perks Of The Job

Work for cool brands, get to try cool products. So fun! An occasional and awesome perk of the job. Last year I got to work with several beauty brands that I admire (including NARS) and my clients are so generous, they generally ask if I'd like to take a few things home to try. How can I say no to that? I've really fallen in love with Sjal's face creams and serum but I don't see how I could justify spending $265 on a serum any time soon... so that was fun, but now it's over. Naturopathica's face cleansers are so creamy and hydrating feeling, like a warm hug for your skin. I use the oat cleanser in the shower and I use the sweet lupine as a make up remover at night. The packagings are so pretty, having them around the house inspired Scott and I to take some portraits of them. I also really love the ethos of these brands. Worth checking out.

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