Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Italy: Rome

The grand finale of our trip was Rome. Three days to shake off the relax and get inspired, back up to urban pace, and ready to get back to work with new energy. We walked endlessly and also pretty much ate endlessly. By the plane ride home I felt like I was going to explode. But so worth it! The pasta and braised meats and all preparations of artichokes just don't disappoint. And puntarelle! And wiiiiiine. I'd love to go back to Rome. I realize that I probably say that about everywhere that I go... but I still mean it! Three days wasn't enough to discover all of its charms.

01/ It was mid November when we were there, so we bundled up a bit in the morning to walk around and usually by afternoon were able to shed a layer or two.
02/ The colors of Rome are so rich!
03/ Cobblestone and textured, worn paint.
04/ Ok, this was a french bistro type place. But it was nice to sit at a bar and hang out for an aperitivo.
05/ Italy scenes. <3
06/ Pizza-by-the-centimeter sampling. / All of the cheeses.
07/ Like, woah, the Parthenon is big for real.
08/ River view.
09/ If we crossed its path, I could never resist exploring an alimentari.  / Also turns out I couldn't resist these mini auto things. So small! So cute!
10/ Roman beauty.

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