Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Our Wedding

Getting married was the most amazing and intense thing I've ever done. It is so emotionally overwhelming, in the best possible way, but unlike anything I've ever felt. So much attention, so much love, so much stimulation, it doesn't stop, you never get a down moment or a breath, in fact, you start to think that maybe you can't keep up, and then it's over in a flash. I cried. A lot! Hahaha. My eyes the next day... ouch. And though we got married back in October, I am just getting around to posting this now, maybe for those reasons. It's a lot to process. It's a lot of feelings. And there are so many photos and they are all so heartwarming and give me the biggest grin every time I look at them. Our photographer, Carey MacArthur, captured it all so perfectly. All the feelings come back. I now totally understand, after a lifetime of hearing what it's like to get married, what it is like to get married. Seemed like the perfect post for Valentine's day. Cheers to love, friends. It makes us better people.

All the photographs below are by Carey MacArthur. She is a fantastic person, and does fantastic work, and you should contact her if you are looking for a photographer!


  1. Where did you get married? Such a nice location!

    1. Hi Alexa! We got married in a restaurant right outside of Burlington, Vermont.