Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Italy Favorites List

To finish up the Italy series, here's a summary of favorite stops from this trip. It's never an authoritative list, because we can never make it to all of the places we want, but it sums up the highlights. Can't wait to go back and find more favorites!

You can also take a look at my Foursquare lists for Puglia and Basilicata (Matera) and Rome. Some places on the lists I've been to, some places I've bookmarked for next time. I love using Foursquare for travel. I don't check in places or really engage in the social aspect, but it's a great organizational tool. I use it frequently to bookmark places. Sometimes I hear about a spot in a city that I don't know when I'll visit next, so instead of having to remember a year later "Were there any restaurants I wanted to try in Paris?' I can have it already bookmarked on a list as a reminder for a future trip. I like to leave a little tip or reminder about what was good about a place after visiting, which is similar to keeping a travel journal but it's all in one place and can be referenced at any time, from anywhere. Also, favorite feature here, if you're in a neighborhood and want to know what's nearby you can open a list in map view and it'll show you things you've bookmarked and where they are in relation to you. I realize so often that things are nearby that I otherwise would have missed or forgotten about. Not a sponsored post by the way! I just think it's a neat way to organize info for a trip. I'm one of those travel nutsos that likes to be super efficient and get the most out of my trips. I don't like to have a rigid itinerary, I still like to let discovery and spontaneity lead, but I'll pin point a bunch of places I'd like to visit in an area and then go wander that way. My husband is the same way. We never relax on vacation. Way too jazzed to go do stuff. Ha.

Click through to see the list!