Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Dream House Manifest: The Power Of Paint

It's been a minute since I've posted about our renovations! Had to make room for all those Italy posts.. ha! And it was so cold all winter home improvements were on pause anyway.

It is incredible how far you can get in transforming a space with painting the walls alone. When we bought this house the walls here were "white," but after painting them white... wow. A small change, plus a lot of elbow grease (particularly on Scott's part), and it feels so much fresher and cleaner in here. I think eventually I may want to paint some walls different colors, maybe go dark in the master bedroom, but for now I'm really into just starting from a clean palette and letting the house take shape over time. With the floors refinished and the walls, ceilings, doors, and trim all brightened up in white I feel like we've already transformed this house in a major way.

We painted the walls, then refinished the floors, got the baseboard trim back in recently, and Scott is still working on a few last doors. (We also uninstalled an outdated alarm system and a baseboard heating system and had a heat pump with mini splits put in.) Next steps will be to update all of the switch plates, door knobs and lighting fixtures. One of our big considerations right now is how to refinish the closet doors. A friend suggested that we cover them with a veneer, since they are hollow core and too thin to sand, and then we can just stain over that. Which I think is genius. We're thinking of doing them in a color similar to the floor. Nope, not into that lacquered orangey brown color... surprising, right? The whole house used to be that color! The floors, interior doors, trim. So. Much. Orangey. Brown. But paint! It saved us. Click through for before and after photos!