Friday, July 14, 2017

Dream House Manifest: Direction

Now that I've got a few bigger things checked off the reno list (like getting a quote from my contractor) I am advancing toward narrowing down my inspiration, choosing a direction, and selecting materials/balancing the budget. I have a board on Pinterest, Project #11, where I've gathered tons of ideas for the overall reno. In the process of just gathering and brainstorming, the board ended up showing me where my thoughts are going. Success. So now I'm playing around with defining the specifics, sketched out this mood board below. It's not yet final, but its what I'm mulling over. Leaning toward the minimal feel, but with some soft depth.

My internal debate between white or grey kitchen has been long, but I think I am finally giving in to white. I love the idea of a soft grey, so chic, but I realize that it is so dark and rainy in Portland most of the year that I should try to counterbalance that. The white will end up looking moody because of the overcast weather anyway. I do want to do a few textured walls, but in softer tones. And I had been thinking of doing a dark slate master bath but, for the same reason as I've reconsidered my ideas for the kitchen, I am now favoring a lighter finish. Beautiful, simple textures are a must in all rooms so that they don't feel cold and stark.

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