Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Quickie Kitchen Fix

I'm gonna preface all of this with the fact that really, I'd like to rearrange some walls and put in an entirely new kitchen. Big reno dreams. So, is this my dream kitchen? Nooo. But, after some clever DIY fixes, is it approximately one billion times better to live with in the meantime? Yes, yes, yes.

There are still a few things to finish, like installing a proper hood, updating the appliances (or maybe we wait to invest in those until that possible big reno?), and putting in the floor trim, but the facelift of the surfaces has made a huge difference (the power of paint, people!) and for only about $1,000. I can't take too much credit, I designed it and priced it out, but then I went off to LA for a big job and Scott stayed home and tore the whole place apart.

We painted and repositioned the existing cabinets, pulling them down off the ceiling (they were set too high). We replaced the countertops with a cheap faux black marble from Ikea, tiled over our linoleum floors, repainted all of the walls a nice bright white, and put in a bit of a marble backsplash. We also updated the sink and faucet and outlet overs and put in new lighting fixtures! The trim around the window got painted too.

You now when you buy a house and you're like 'I'm gonna whip this into shape in 3 months!' and then life happens and gets in the way and lots of that stuff gets put on the back burner? Yea. Me too. So, for now, reno dreams on pause, but easy facelifts all around the house full speed ahead.

More pics: before and after!

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  1. It wasn't too bad before but it's much much better now with all those subtle changes. Love the new sink and the way you rearranged the cabinets.