Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

I really want a backyard. I want to grow veggies, and grill, and sit out there on cool summer evenings just me and a book and a hammock. But a backyard is a hard thing to come by in NYC, so sometimes I feel conflicted and I think... Maybe I won't stay here forever? And in those daydreams, of a house, and a yard, and darkness, and quiet, I also daydream about what I might do with myself living somewhere else. (Because we all know my job is pretty location specific.) One of the options that has occurred to me is interior decorating or designing. For now it's really just a curiosity, a "what-if...", but looking at the portfolio of Jessica Helgerson's Portland based firm does nothing but inspire me. Probably nothing will come of these fantasies, but this beautiful work gives them fodder. And, of course, raises the question- Am I even capable of doing that? Whoops. Back to reality. But, what an incredible talent she is.

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