Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Yoga Mat Lust and Achievement Awards

Guys! I am so proud of myself, I have been doing a really good job sticking to my New Year's resolution of making exercise a routine. I think I just finally found something that works for me. I really don't enjoy the gym environment, so I'll make any excuse to avoid that. I love yoga classes, but if it's too cold outside or I'm feeling particularly broke at the moment, I'll talk myself out of it. But I finally just said no more excuses. None. And started working out in my living room.

The two best parts: it's convenient and it's free. Yea, I bought a DVD (Hey Jillian Michaels!) and a set of hand weights to get started. But I already had some loungy clothes and an old yoga mat. And since there are no recurring monthly expenses (people, a gym membership in NYC is expensive.) I feel like I'm saving myself a bunch of money. Enough that I can probably justify a fitness-related treat every once in a while...

That old yoga mat? I've had it for years, and now that it's seeing consistent action, it's finally starting to fall apart. It really held in there for a long time considering it was a TJ Maxx clearance find. But bottom line, time for a replacement. Perhaps like this very fancy, very chic Alexander Wang crocodile embossed one?

I also just started doing quick little 2.5 miles runs once or twice a week, and though I never considered myself a runner, I think my endurance is up from working out. I'm gonna keep at it. So, I'm looking for a pair of actual running shoes (just using my trainers right now) and thinking about these Nike guys. I love the how the design is made by varying weaves in the fabric. Really cool.

How are you all doing with your 2014 goals? Go figure, I'm having the most trouble with the "drink more water" one! Should be the easiest to do!

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