Monday, May 18, 2015

My First Trip To Paris

I love Europe so much. Everytime I go I just want to move there. Maybe someday I'll hatch a plan and make that dream a reality. Until then, I have a month long trip to Portugal in the planning stages for fall to look forward to. We might even try to hop over to Paris for a long weekend, I would love to go back.

This was my first trip ever to Paris and, no surprise, I loved it. I can see what all of the hype is about. Since I was there for "work" (ie playing photo assistant for Alice) a lot of the time was scheduled out so it wasn't a whole week of freedom and fun and games. But, you know? It kinda was. Having to run around to all of our different shooting locations turned out to be a great way to see new and different parts of the city. Walking from one location to the next we discovered gems along the way, a cute shop or a daily market. I saw the Arc de Triomphe from the back seat of an Uber. And from one of our locations- the penthouse at the top of the Four Seasons- there it was... hello, Eiffel Tower.

I took soo many photos, so I'll have another post or two after this with more images and focused on my favorite shops/spots/restaurants from this trip. These are a little bit of everything. Lots more of them after the jump and some descriptions too!

1/ Behind big, heavy, black iron doors this was the entryway to our Airbnb.
2/ City gardens, tiny figs.
3/ Parisian grandeur, all along the river.
4/ Love old, narrow, beautiful European streets.
5/ Look at these little guys. It was asparagus and strawberry season too.
6/ More sights of spring at the Marche des Enfants Rouges.
7/ The little shops around the corner from our Airbnb. Many coffees were had from 10 Belles.
8/ Look up.
9/ Mirror selfie in a closed restaurant that we were shooting. Hi Alice in the background!
10/ These trees were everywhere and in full bloom. No idea what they are though?
11/ Cheeses! I think the French have figured something out about cheese size... they're all so tiny! Perfect size to feed 2-4 people in one sitting? Is that it? What's the secret?
12/ Because pretty. That could be my door...
13/ Aforementioned view. Actually, this one was from a suite a floor down. It was even better up at the penthouse. That one's on my instagram.
14/ Everything in that basket, you get it for 5 euros.
15&16/ The canal. These pictures were taken during the day, but after school/work hours and on weekends it fills up with people just hanging out by the water.

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