Monday, October 19, 2015

MF Ceramics

Hello world! I swear I'm working on those Portugal posts, but man it takes some time to sift through the thousand photos I took and curate a story and edit them. And this month is crazy, work not stop, packing, moving, so much going on! Super soon though! I loved Portugal, can't wait to share.

What I can share now (because I didn't take any decent pictures when I was there) are some images from the website of MF Ceramics. I visited Margarida at her studio in Lisbon at the LX Factory one afternoon and had a great conversation with her and her husband about Lisbon and how it has been changing and tourism and the makers community. And, of course, bought a bunch of her beautiful handmade ceramics for the prop collection, Very cool people, and a lovely visit.

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