Friday, January 20, 2017

8 Bowls For Your Winter Soup

I've been searching for the perfect winter bowls. A snuggly bowl suitable for a creamy pureed soup would be great, but it just wouldn't give ramen the brothy room it needs so would need a different size for that. And then a pasta bowl- too big and my eyes become bigger than my stomach, but too small and the meal feels sad. Starting to seem like there may not be one perfect size. May just have to get several! Some appealing options below...

1/ Sheldon Ceramics silverlake bowl.
2/ Miro Made This udon bowl.
3/ Golden Biscotti matte porcelain bowls.
4/ One & Many blue and white marbled bowls.
5/ Luke Eastop petrol crucible bowl.
6/ Koji Kitaoka fluted bowl.
7/ Irving Place Studio porcelain bowl.
8/ Sue Paraskeva sold by Herriott Grace stoneware and porcelain bowls.

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