Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Living My Fantasy Life In Lisboa

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I took off at the end of last year and escaped to Lisbon for a whole month long adventure. We rented a cute apartment, we stayed in one spot, and I got to have the one thing that most people take a vacation to get away from: a routine. I love my job and am so grateful for my career, but I am a cancer and as such a homebody. Traveling so often for work can be challenging for me. It is exciting and stimulating, but also I miss my home life (and kind of miss out on having a home life). It has required me to adjust to packing up my bags and jumping on a plane at a moment's notice. Because of this spontaneous rhythm of life I don't have enough consistency during the year to do some of the things that I would like to, so those things became a focus in Lisbon. I went to yoga at the Lisboa Yoga Loft four times a week and took ceramics classes twice a week at Olho Atelier de Ceramica. And (now, how's this for a treat) I got to see my husband every day!

Lisbon was a dream vacation come true. I want to go back! (I kinda wanted to stay!) I need to (and I will) spend more time in Portugal, and in Europe in general. Rustic, stonewalled home filled with antique wooden furniture and a mix of antique and modern pottery, fig and olive trees growing in the yard- I will have you! Someday! I hope! A girl can dream! If I dare to dream, I may dare to make my dreams come true... But back to how great it was. I felt so inspired while I was there and so recharged after my month of self-nurturing routines. We ate everything, we drank delicious (and so cheaply priced!) wine, we walked non stop (something I didn't realize that I missed about living in a city), we went to museums, we visited my great grandparents' province, we hit every flea market in town. I met other creatives from all over the world making a home there and even made some progress learning Portuguese.

Gearing up for another year full of travel, this trip has helped give me perspective about being freelance and how, yes, it can be hectic, but also how much freedom it grants and what a gift that is. Taking a month off is a perk so worth working for. Feeling very motivated.


  1. This is amazing, Kira! Very inspiring. I was in Lisbon a couple years ago on my own hiatus in Europe and I fell in love with that city. You've got me planning something like this now. I love that you stayed in one place for a month!

    1. It was a whole new approach to vacation for me too. Usually we run around a bunch and explore as many places as possible. But the experience to 'pretend live' somewhere as opposed to just passing through was really rewarding. Also I dream of moving to Europe, so you know, there's that...